TK Tackle & how it all started!

Fishing has been a long-time family tradition in the “K” family, starting with “Great Grandpa K” jug fishing on the OHIO river during the great depression.  Staying in California after his hitch in the Marines “Great Grandpa K” raised his family spending as many days in the outdoors and fishing as possible.  He raised many sons that became excellent anglers, and many of his grandchildren also have become avid fisherman. Many a day has been spent with three generations of “K’s” on the water sculpting their fishing skills, “Catching Fish” and enjoying time together as a family.

His second son ‘TK’ turned his passion for fishing into a small business.  With the help of his family “TK” brings unique lures and tackle to market.  The products sold by TK Tackle have been personally used and tested by many of the “K’s”.  We know our lures “Catch Fish.”  Many of the pictures you see on the web site are members of the ‘K’ family and friends.

We hope that by using our products you may enjoy the success in fishing that the “K” family has enjoyed over the years.

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